Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Maine

We breed multi-generation standard size (45 to 65lbs)) Australian Labradoodles in Maine with Tegan Park & Rutland Manor lines in their ancestry.   While we have owned and bred several other breeds in the past, the temperament, intelligence, devotion and heart of these amazing dogs have captivated our hearts. In order to offer you the finest Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale , we aim to produce puppies free from known genetic defects with sound temperaments and loving personalities. In addition, their coats are non-shedding and hypoallergenic.

First developed in the 1980s, Australian Labradoodles were created as guide and therapy dogs for people with allergies.  These dogs have the heart of a Labrador Retriever and the intelligence of a Standard Poodle. However, there are two important distinctions to make when compared to other poodle and lab crossbreeds. First, these dogs were purposefully bred for service and therapy work, and second, a great deal of scientific testing and selection over many generations was conducted to ensure the correct attributes were captured from each breed.

Simply breeding a Lab and a Standard Poodle will not result in a dog free of inherited genetic abnormalities, nor will it produce a dog with the best qualities of each breed.  Consequently, the less desirable characteristics of each breed can combine to produce a dog quite different from what was originally intended.  In order to remove many of the genetic defects commonly plaguing the Poodle and Labrador Retriever breeds, such as hip dysplasia and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and achieve a dog suitable for therapy and service work the founders of the Australian Labradoodle carefully infused the Irish Water Spaniel, English Cocker Spaniel, and American Cocker Spaniel to achieve the Australian Labradoodle of today. Fortunately, the thoughtful, purposeful, controlled breeding that first occurred in Australia produced a consistently loving, intelligent, happy, easy to train dog that is focused on people and motivated to serve them.  In other words, they produced an Australian Labradoodle that is the perfect therapy, service, family or companion dog.

Although first developed in Australia, this breed can now be found all over the world, with much of the breeding now taking place in the United States. Because popularity and economics can influence the quality of a breed, we are dedicated to preserving the purity of Australian Labradoodles.

We believe so strongly in the puppies we breed, and we stand behind them 100% with a health warranty and lifelong support. Any dog you get from us should have a long, healthy life. Our puppies are raised and trained in our home. Furthermore, all of our breeding dogs live in homes with families and are never kenneled.   If you are an individual or family seeking a loyal and loving companion, our dogs will feel right at home with you.

Please browse our site to discover more about Australian Labradoodles and the puppies we have for sale. You will find details about upcoming litters, currently available puppies, our terms and conditions for adoption, the application process, and more. You might have some questions, so feel free to contact us at anytime. Please note that we never have older dogs for sale, only puppies.