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Adopted Golden Australian Labradoodle

Truman: Truman was our gentle, gentle, gentle boy that is a full brother to Tilly (different litter). He is 26″ ht, 59 lbs. but was not suitable for breeding and was adopted by good friends to have a forever home in Baltimore.  He WOW’s everyone he meets with his calm demeanor and sweet personality.  He is greatly missed by his Maine family but is well loved and cared for by his adopted one.

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Moses: Moses was our beloved therapy dog who attended church regularly.  He has been retired to a wonderful forever home where he is well loved, cared for, and the center of attention.  His devotion to his human caretakers and love of all people are unsurpassed.


Stella & Vincent’s Nov 2012 Litter at 6 Months of Age:

Raven is being trained to detect low blood sugar and shows promise as a Search and Rescue dog.  Ava is being certified as a Therapy Dog for a medical clinic.  Gibson is owned by a veterinarian and accompanies her owner every day to her clinic.  Cooper and Sydney enjoy daily hikes in the mountains and completed their basic obedience training.  Anneke is enjoying life in Florida and is completing her intermediate obedience training.   Barley is happy spending time with any of the 5 people he shares his home with.  Simon is treasured by his family and enjoys romping around while the family does yard work.  Bentley swims in the lake and retrieves for his owners when not being totally loved on by them.

Thanks so much to the wonderful owners who are providing excellent care for Stella’s puppies.

AnnekeAnneke1 Gibson 3 Gibson1 Raven 6 Barley Cooper & Sydney  DSC_5439Bentley 2Bentley1Raven 3 photo imagerav 1 pic


Stella & Farley’s Litter (Jan 2014) at 6 months of age.

image DSCN0888 photo 1 IMG_1135