Fun Dog Activities in Maine for the Winter

December 12th, 2021 Fsterner

We know it can be difficult to plan activities and things to do outside in the winter season, especially if you live in a place where winter is an actual season with cold temperatures and snowfall. When you’re a dog owner, specifically a Labradoodle owner, it can be difficult to decide how you want to spend your winters together.

Here are some ideas and activities you can do with your Labradoodle this Winter in Maine:

Take a Trip to Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the country. Located right outside of Bar Harbor, Maine, this treasure in the state offers plenty of scenic drives and views for all park goers to enjoy. Take your Australian Labradoodle to one of the best national parks in the country to view some scenic drives, get out for a short walk, and visit what Bar Harbor has to offer.

Take a Road Trip to a Park

Maine can be very cold during the winter, but this doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors the entire winter season. Taking short road trips with your Australian Labradoodle to parks and other places where you can get outside and go on a short walk. There are many trail systems in most towns that are groomed during the winter to allow access by foot, snowshoe, or cross-country skiing.  Just a change in scenery will do wonders for you and your dog.

Cut Down Your Christmas Tree

Yes, the Christmas season is around the corner. This is an opportunity to bring your dog to the tree farm and cut down a beautiful tree for your home and the holidays.

We understand it can be tough to get outside during the colder weather, however Australian Labradoodle love the cold weather and will relish the chance to be outside.  If you live in Maine with an Australian Labradoodle, we encourage you to set aside time each week to get outside for a little exercise with your Labradoodle.

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