Guardian Homes

Sorry but we are no longer placing dogs in Guardian Homes

In order for Pine State Australian Labradoodles (PSAL) to develop genetic lines of labradoodles that will continue to further the breed standardization, we will offer some of our future breeding stock free to qualified Guardian Homes.  This allows our breeding stock to live with and be part of “forever” families and receive the individual attention they deserve.  The Guardian Home will obtain a healthy puppy from us which they will love and own for its entire life with the following stipulations:

  • PSAL will have access for breeding purposes to a female for a maximum of 4 litters unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.  Males will be used at stud for no longer than 6 years of age.  At 6 years of age or sooner males and females will be neutered/spayed (at the expense of the Guardian Family) and their sole purpose then becomes being part of a loving family for the remainder of their 15+year life span..
  • PSAL will have sole rights to all puppies produced or revenue generated (stud fees) by the dog during its breeding career.
  • PSAL will assume costs for breeding related medical bills (AI, X-ray, ultrasound, etc.).
  • PSAL will be respectful  of the Guardian Home’s family situation when scheduling veterinary visits or breeding procedures.  The Guardian Home must also realize that the reproductive cycle of any animal is not entirely predictable and should be equally flexible in presenting the dog to PSAL, a veterinarian, or breeding specialist before critical timing is lost.
  • The Guardian Home assumes responsibility for all medical bills not breeding related and shall maintain routine health checks and maintenance under a qualified veterinarians supervision; including heartworm and parasite prevention, vaccination, and wellness checkups.   Copies of all medical records must be provided to PSAL within 2 weeks of treatment.
  • The Guardian Home agrees to place the dog in PSAL’s care during breeding procedures and whelping of puppies.  All litters are to be delivered on the PSAL premises unless otherwise agreed upon.  Females will remain at PSAL until the puppies are weaned (6-7 weeks) and will then be returned to the Guardian Home
  • The Guardian Home agrees to feed an approved high quality dog food, provide adequate exercise and socialization, and do basic obedience training so that the dog develops into a good representation of the breed.
  • The Guardian Home must groom the dog on a regular basis to maintain a healthy, clean, non-matted coat and have the dog clipped at least once every 3 months.

The Guardian Home must openly and honestly communicate to PSAL regarding any matters related to the dog, provide pictures that can be displayed on our website,  and allow us to visit your home to see the dog on occasion.  It is important the dog feels comfortable with us for breeding purposes.

In order to prevent unwanted pregnancies or the introduction of unwanted genetics, Guardian Homes cannot have any other intact dogs  on their premises and those having female dogs should have a fenced in yard.  Other accommodations can be made at PSAL’s discretion depending on the setting and local of the home and lifestyle of the family.

The primary caregiver in the Guardian Home cannot work full time and must agree to exercise reasonable effort in making the dog available to PSAL for breeding procedures, pregnancy related medical visits, and the delivery and whelping purposes.

The Guardian Home must be within a 75 mile radius of PSAL.   Should the Guardian Home relocate beyond the 75 mile radius due to an unanticipated  job transfer they must be willing to provide transportation for the dog to PSAL for the remainder of the dog’s breeding life.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home to one of our puppies, please contact us for more information.  If more homes are qualified then we have available dogs for, you will be placed on a waiting list for the next available puppy.  PSAL reserves the right to keep breeding stock out of any litter.