How to Introduce Your Labradoodle to Children

May 16th, 2021 Fsterner

Although Australian Labradoodles are bred to be members of the family and generally love people, introducing your new puppy to children should be a supervised process. Bringing an Australian Labradoodle into your family is an extremely exciting time for everyone, including the puppy. However, you need to monitor and supervise your child’s excitement as well as that of the puppy to prevent accidental injuries to both.  Making sure you take time to work with both of them will aid in setting boundaries that will help insure a smooth transition.

Include Your Kids in Puppy Care

When bringing your puppy home to your family, make sure you involve your kids in the care of them. Feeding, cleaning, training, and picking up the dog poop in the yard is something that should be done with you and your kids in order for them to get acquainted with each other.

Have Your Kids Be a Part of Training

With puppy care comes the training process. You Australian Labradoodle puppy needs to be trained by your whole family. Everyone, including the children, should be pack leaders for the puppy.  This will not only help your puppy listen to commands by the entire family it will also create a solid bonding experience with the entire family. Having your puppy sit before the children give it a treat or feed it, learn “off” when it attempts to jump on them, and move out of their way when they are walking through the house are all cues to the puppy that the children are higher on the dominance scale then he or she is.

Supervise All the Interactions with Puppy

Puppies are very energetic and playful, so it is important that you keep an eye on them when they’re interacting with your kids. One common issue when puppies play is that they will jump up and nip at the children.  This is normal puppy behavior, but it must be corrected quickly and firmly so that it does not get out of hand and accidentally injure a child.  Grabbing their snout, holding their mouth together and giving them a firm slap on the snout while saying “No Nip” usually correct the behavior rather quickly.  If they keep coming back at you that means you are not doing it firmly enough and they think it is a game.  Once they associate the “No Nip” with the correction the children should be able to give the puppy the command when it gets overly excited and exhibits the behavior.  Making sure that the entire family is on the same page and using the same corrective method will help the puppy learn the rules quicker.

Pine State Australian Labradoodles

Bringing a puppy home is a new change in their environment. For your kids, this can be both fun and difficult at first, but with a little discipline, cooperation, and communication, you’ll be able to have a relatively smooth transition. Bonding and interaction between the dog and your kids is crucial for both of them to trust and grow with each other. If you’re thinking about bringing an Australian Labradoodle home to your family, contact Pine State Australian Labradoodles at 207-692-7781 today or visit us online for more information!

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