Stella (RETIRED)

Stella: An exceedingly smart, intuitive, and social girl who is both devoted to her human companions and playful with other dogs. She is a beautiful café in color with a curly fleece/wool, and is a standard at 22” in ht. and 53 lbs. Her command of obedience is remarkable, making her an ideal companion that is comfortable with all ages of people and other animals, including cats.  Stella’s strong instincts are remarkable and she exceeded are expectations in her maternal abilities as she whelped and raised 10 large healthy puppies in her first litter. PennHip score 0.48/0.48, OFA Hips Good (HY-1200GH29F-VPI),  OFA elbows Normal (HY-EL826F29-VPI), CERF LRA-371764 Normal, von Willebrand’s Clear (#985121004959439), PRA Clear (13-8150).  RETIRED

Stella’s Pedigree & Testing Documents